Although cars today are designed more safely than ever before, our collision repair services carefully and expertly rebuild crash design into your car. Your car's performance (how it steers, handles, operates) and appearance will be restored to pre-accident condition.


We use high end equipment like TIG and MIG welding in our body shop. Replacement parts are welded with updated MIG welding techniques and equipment to protect their structural integrity. We carefully align the exterior panels to ensure the seams between the hood, fenders, grill and bumpers are true to factory specifications. Then we apply our advanced colour-matching technology. All in all, a reliable way to maintain the value of your car.


The Paint Shop. The spray booth is a closed, pressure-controlled environment, used to paint vehicles in a body shop. To ensure the ideal working conditions (temperature, air flow and humidity), spray booths are equipped with one or more groups of ventilation, consisting of one or more motors and one or more burners to heat the air that's blown. This ensures excellent quality and control over the finish of the car.


To get your car painted in your choice of colour, call or email us to make a booking.

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