This is all about the Engine. And we do a whole load of things to enhance the way it works. Reconditioning, Rebuilding, Race engine preparation, Bespoke design. Our dedicated Engine Build Room houses leading-edge diagnostic tools. Developing and building a highly tuned engine unit is a serious task, whether for road, rally or full race. With over 20 years of specialised experience in engine-tuning, and with the immense development expertise of our engineers, we offer engine rebuilding services for virtually any engine, with a highly customised approach.


While it is important to understand your needs in terms of performance, purpose (long and short term) and style of driving, we will give you our advice and recommendations that will best suit the car, keeping in mind the ultimate goal.


If your needs are in motorsport, our all-round knowledge and experience provide automatic inputs to giving you a machine that will put you ahead of the competition!

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