Shock absorbers, shocks, dampers. Call them any one of these and people will usually know what you're talking about. However, the most technically correct name is "damper", because its role is to damp the oscillatory movement of the suspension spring. It's designed to apply a controlled amount of (hydraulic) friction to the spring - therefore preventing it from oscillating indefinitely.


If you're really serious about checking your car's dampers - or maybe you plan to modify them - this is the ultimate tool. This is a happy coincidence because if you're suspicious of your car's dampers, you can have them evaluated, revamped and modified all at the same time! (That's as long as they're the re-buildable type of damper - not the sealed throwaway type like most OE stuff). We can test the damping force of your damper and also test the spring rate of your springs to get the most suitable ride and handling, whichever you may choose.

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