1. What are performance products? How will they benefit me/my car?

  • Performance products are often perceived to be only about pick-up and power. This is not true. While some performance products increase your car's power, torque, acceleration and top speed, others enhance fuel efficiency, ride comfort, handling, safety, engine life, and reduce emissions and more. It all depends on what you want for your driving pleasure.

2. By how much will these products increase my car’s power and torque?

  • The increase in power and torque will range from 10% to 100% depending on the products or solutions you choose to install.

3. Are these products for racing or rallying purposes only?

  • Certainly not! The best thing about these products and solutions is that they are for all kinds of cars and drivers - whether a normal city driver, day-to-day office commuter, street racer, drag race enthusiast or even a competitive rallyist. You can choose from a whole array of products and solutions based on your requirements.

4. Will I still enjoy better performance with my car’s AC switched on?

  • Even if you switch on the Air Conditioner, the performance drop will be negligible compared to the drop in performance in a non-fitted car.

5. How does the Power & Fuel Economy Package (RRP PowerDrive) increase fuel economy?

  • The solution leads to the complete combustion of fuel, which is otherwise not possible. This reduces wastage of fuel and hence you get more mileage with the same amount of fuel. It's that practical! What's more, PowerDrive reduces emissions and your engine gets a longer life due to less carbon deposits.

6. Why are they called 'performance products' if they can increase fuel efficiency as well?

  • Whether you drive slow or fast, a performance enhanced car is more powerful and does not need to be driven hard to get the best in speed or pick-up (acceleration). You won't have to push the accelerator much to get more power. Driving in a normal way with more power consumes less fuel by design, as compared to cars fitted with stock products (OEMs).

7. How do these performance products help in increasing engine-life and reducing pollution?

  • Complete combustion of fuel due to installation of performance products will reduce deposition of carbon in the engine, which will help in increasing engine-life. It will also reduce the emissions of carbon monoxide and other harmful emissions which can pollute the environment.

8. What is the life of these products?

  • These products are for a lifetime, which means you can change many cars, reusing the same products in different vehicles. The life of these products is several times longer than the normal products supplied by the car manufacturer.

9. Why didn't the car company give me these performance products when I bought the car from them?

  • Just as car-makers do not include alloy wheels, leather seat covers and high-quality audio systems, they do not put in the best performance products. There are a few main reasons:

    a. Installing these products increases the overall cost of the vehicle, thereby reducing the consumer base, which is not in the interest of the company. This has led to the rise of a separate performance products movement across the world, especially in the advanced car markets.

    b. These products last much longer than low-priced products supplied by car manufacturers as OEMs. Fitting high quality products would render companies unable to maintain the revenue associated with labour and service parts, which they supply as OEM (Original Equipment).

    c. The concept of performance products is very new in India and it will take a longer time for car-makers to realize the benefits and importance of these products. Some car manufacturers like Honda have started offering Iridium spark plugs in their cars as original equipment. However, these products are sold in large quantities in foreign countries.

10. On which kinds of vehicles can performance products be installed?

  • These products can be installed on any Petrol, Diesel, LPG, CNG or Hybrid vehicle. They can be installed on any Indian or imported car, from a Maruti 800 to a Mercedes, and even on bikes. The power gain will vary according to the type of the engine.

11. Can I install these products in my brand new car or a car which has been driven for 10,000 kms or more?

  • Yes, these products can be installed on a brand new car or an older car. You will enjoy similar benefits in both instances.

12. Will installing performance products harm my engine or the environment in anyway?

  • No. Using these products will not have any harmful effect on your engine or on the environment. In fact, they will lead to cleaner emissions, reducing carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide from the environment.

13. Will these products work in older generation vehicles?

  • Yes, you will get the same benefits in older generation cars as well.

14. Will installing these products affect the warranty of my vehicle?

  • Yes and no. While some products like air filters, do not affect the warranty of your car, other specialised solutions might.

15. What if I want to sell my vehicle or transfer these products to my next vehicle?

  • You can easily transfer many performance products to your next vehicle. The products today command a premium and people understand their importance and value.

16. Is the fitting done accurately and as well as the car-makers?

  • Our technical team is unparalleled, highly qualified, and trained under N Leelakrishnan, one of the most reputed automotive tuners in the Asia-Pacific region. At RRP, we authenticate the before-and-after performance of our solutions with our state-of-the-art dyno, which is the only commercial hub-driven dyno in the country. Also, we provide complete after-sales service. Our specialist expertise makes our facility and services second to none in the country, even rivaling the expertise of the car makers’ service engineers.