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Red Rooster Performance

Red Rooster Performance International Pvt Ltd is an enterprise dedicated to giving the Indian 'performance motoring' aftermarket a makeover unlike any other. We are a leading edge, world-class, performance engineering technical facility catering to the needs of both everyday driving and competition racing. We offer Specialist Solutions, Products and Services to take a car to the next level of performance.

Our first state-of-the-art facility is in Bengaluru. Our processes, systems, partnerships and team sets us apart form any other in the country today. At the heart of the business is a technical expertise that sets the standard for modification and aftermarket solutions. At the helm of the business are Dinesh Reddy, Managing Director and N Leelakrishnan, Chief Technical Director, who are part of a reputed Board of Directors that also comprises of Kumar Nadig.

We represent some of the finest commercial performance products in the world. We enjoy exclusive partnerships with some of the world's leading manufacturers, including TEIN Suspension (Japan), BMC Air filters (Italy), Spider Tuning (UK), Turbosmart (Australia), Toora Motorsport Equipment (Italy), NGK Spark Plugs (Japan), Exedy Clutches (Japan) and others.

The ability of people to do things to their cars is a real measure of the maturity of any automotive market in the world. At this point, India is rapidly catching up with the advanced auto markets of the world. Our solutions are not just for the individual 'need for speed' car owner, but also fleet(taxi) owners, race and rally teams, and the average car owner who desires everday benefits that deliver more. More speed, more mileage, more comfort, more safety.


Red Rooster Racing

Red Rooster Racing (International) Pvt. Ltd. is India's leading professional motorsports company. In the short span of 2 years, the organisation had built a consistent, enviable record in both Indian and Asia Pacific championships, with teams in multiple disciplines of motorsport, including Rallying (cars), Circuit Racing (motorcycles and cars) and Karting.

The company was founded in the year 2008 by Dinesh Reddy, entrepreneur and automotive aficionado, who saw the opportunity for an Indian enterprise in motorsports taking Indian talent and technical excellence to the world stage. While the primary goal of the organisation is to be a dominant force in all disciplines of motorsport in India, the Asia Pacific and the World, the corporate mission is built around creating a sustainable environment for the immense talent and resource pools in India, given the stupendous and rapidly developing interest in the sport.