Do you really want to know the true performance of your car? What horsepower your car is actually pumping out at the wheel? The torque?

A session with the Chassis Dynamometer will tell you this, and more, from helping you make changes to verifying the existing power in your car.


A technologically advanced testing system, our Dynapack ™ Dynamometer, a hub-driven dyno made in New Zealand, is the best in the automotive industry and can test for upto 1000bhp. Dyno tests are used in many ways. For mapping, diagnostics, tuning your car to optimal air-to-fuel ratios, cam timing, exhaust systems, inlet systems, ingintion timing and other engine testing for improved performance.

You can see the difference, what a simple product or high-end modification is in reality, by doing a 'before-after' check. Tests are significantly insightful when all the usual variables we experience in a normal or race/rally drive apply: tyre temperature, pressure, traction, etc, are all variables that can change - not only from run to run, but during the run as well!


To book a session.

It takes 30-45 minutes to put the car on the dyno and get the test results. Results are plotted by a computer generated printout and given to you. We maintain the records in our database for future reference. Book a session by calling us or sending an email. Tests are run from 11AM to 6PM.

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