Rally/Race car preparation is one of the most important aspects of rallying and racing.

There are many levels of car classes that you can compete in within India. For an overview of these classes visit the FMSCI website www.fmsci.in.


Body strengthening and roll cage

With any rally car or race car it is very critical to have a rigid body / chassis as a platform to build up your car. A car in its stock form is not very rigid for competition use, so the method to make the car rigid is to put a roll cage into the body and make it an integral part of the car. Well designed roll cages will, and do toughen up the car. For Group N+ rally cars there will be a homologated roll cages of which you must follow the design and meet the required metal tube strength. Installing a well designed roll cage in your car not only protects the occupants in the car during an accident by making sure that the roof and sides don't cave in, and also will enable the suspension to operate accurately and allow the car to handle precisely due to the enhanced torsional stiffness of the car. The car is also re-enforced in precise and specific areas where more flex is found in the shell. -check To install a roll cage, the car must be totally stripped to its bare body shell. You will then need to strip all the body sound proofing material off the car floor plan and then seam weld all the possible seams in the car to provide additional strength. After finishing this seam welding then install the roll cage.


Suspension can be considered and is an expensive item needed for your rally cars preparation. There are all types of brands which have fancy rally stickers and also priced much cheaper than the renowned brands, but don't get caught with these cheap brands as the first 10 km of your rally the suspension will fail and that's where all your rally problems will start. With good suspension it will last possibly up to 2 years providing you do not have an accident and bend the suspension, after 2 years you will need to service the 4 shock absorbers and reinstall into the car and away you go. Also with good suspension you will be able to learn to drive better. So many beginners in rallying fail because they have not invested in the right areas, they purchase cheap suspension, find that the car is uncontrollable in their first rally and either crash or damage the chassis of the car.


At RRP we have been building race winning engines for well over two decades. Our workshop has a dedicated engine building area where strict standards of cleanliness are observed at all time. As a result we are able to offer an engine building service to meet the needs of all the various spheres of motorsport. In the Group N class, engine blueprinting is allowed. In engine blueprinting, all the specifications are double-checked. Usually this indicates closer-than-factory tolerances, with custom specifications appropriate for a race car. The regulations allow only a few modifications to the engine, which are carried out to improve the performance.

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